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Cat Scratchers

Don't let your kitty scratch up your carpet or furniture again! Cat Scratchers give your furry friend a better way to playfully fulfill its natural urge to scratch without ruining your belongings! Check out our wide variety of cat Scratchers today.
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What better is there to spoil your kitty than to allow it to indulge its natural urge to scratch? Our Cat Scratchers will help out with their natural tendency to scratch to clean their claws. We have Scratchers, or posts for scratching available in a wide variety  of styles, colors, looks, and designs. We offer simple Cat Scratchers that are nothing more than a rough material that lies flat on the floor to elaborate Scratchers with several platform levels to allow climbing...and of course Cat Scratchers in between!
Scratchers allow kitty owners to protect their furniture by giving their feline friend his or her very own cat furniture. Cat Scratchers are an exciting spot for your cat to take a good nap, play, or stalk a toy. Cat Scratchers also provide a safe and suitable place for you kitty to exercise its natural scratching instincts
We love our feline friends! No matter the type of Cat Scratcher you  choose, your cat will enjoy it more than using the sides of your couch...and so will you!
Browse our Scratchers today and make sure you keep your cat happy and healthy and purring for a long time!